Tips to survive in Venice with high tide during the Carnival

Visit Venice with high tide can be a 'special' experience , but   a few tips can help you to appreciate it:
-It is useful to ask to your concierge at what time there will be high tide or check on this page : http://www.comune.venezia.it/flex/cm/pages/ServeBLOB.php/L/IT/IDPagina/1748
-Try to visit other area of Venice rather than Saint Marc's square during high tide, (two or three  hours) that's the lowest part of the city!
-Do a small investment  for a god pair of boot (around 15,00€), if you buy the one sold by Indian on the street they will probably break after ten minutes!
-Use the public transportation (vaporetto) to move easily around the city
-Take a camera with you and make good photos!

Piazza San Marco