Restoration of Rialto bridge in Venice 2015-'16

Rialto bridge the oldest bridge on the Grand Canal
Rialto bridge, one of the symbol of Venice is being restored. The restoration of the old stone bridge started in  April 2015, and will finish in December 2016.
The cost of 2.023.000 euro will be paid by the sponsor Diesel, the textile italian brand  owned by Renzo  Rosso.

Rialto by night

Rialto Bridge
Project made by Andrea Palladio
The original bridge was very different from this one, built in the 16th century. The decrepit mediaeval structure across the Grand Canal collapsed in 1524. . Many architects made projet for the new bridge, also Michelangelo and Palladio, but the stone bridge  was finally carried out in 1587 by Antonio da Ponte.
Vittore Carpaccio, Rialto Bridge